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Balcony Point is a 9,500-square-foot event location that offers a unique setting for corporate events, weddings and special occasions, such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, graduations and more.

Balcony Point is an event location that overlooks a duck pond and the scenic country landscape of Springdale Farm, which is part of Northampton Park in Ogden, N.Y.

Springdale Farm is a 200-acre public demonstration farm that welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The farm’s building at Balcony Point also serves as a day program site for Heritage Christian Services, which assists children and people with disabilities.

Your patronage of Balcony Point strengthens programs at Springdale Farm and promotes meaningful living and working opportunities for people served by Heritage Christian Services. Thank you for your support.

Operated by Heritage Christian Services

Recognizing the value of education and community involvement for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Heritage Christian Services assumed the operations of Springdale Farm in 1993. The farm, and Northampton Park, remains under the ownership of Monroe County. Heritage Christian’s operation of the farm is a model for public-private collaboration.

The farm offers meaningful working opportunities and community engagement for more than 40 men and women who help care for the animals and the grounds, assist with group tours and greet visitors. The farm is open to the public year-round and brings in nearly 40,000 guests annually, which include families, pre-school groups, students, older adults and other interest groups. The demonstration farm and day program combination offers opportunities to visitors to learn about the workings of a farm and appreciate the contributions of people with disabilities.

It is through partnering with Monroe County, funders and local supporters – like our Balcony Point patrons – that Heritage Christian Services is able to make Springdale Farm open to the public and be recognized as a modern agricultural education center.

Farm History

In 1876, Springdale Farm was purchased by James Adams and owned by his family for nearly a century. James Adams made Springdale primarily a fruit farm. When his son, Myron, took over, the farm remained prosperous until the 1930s when a major ice storm hit, damaging many of the fruit bearing trees. Myron then converted Springdale to a dairy farm and planted several crops including wheat, oats, corn, peas, string beans and potatoes. In 1960, the Adams family sold Springdale to another farmer and shortly afterwards, Springdale Farm was sold to Monroe County.

Balcony Point

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Booking Balcony Point is an event location that not only helps a local non-profit to operate the farm, but it also benefits people who choose their services. People there welcome visitors, care for the animals and maintain the grounds.

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